It's what's for dinner

Not beef.  This!  I bought the ingredients (except celery. ew.) on Saturday night to make this for one of our dinners this week.  I'm shooting for tonight!  Jenna posts the most amazing recipes; I seriously want to make every single one.  Especially anything with chocolate.

I've had a pretty pleasant Monday so far.  Since I started my first week back to work on a Tuesday this was my first working Monday in quite a while.  I have to say that I am feeling so SO grateful for the opportunity to stay home  most of the day with my sweet girl.  I know not everyone gets to do that and even if I'm welcomed home by the great poop explosion of 2011 a messy surprise, I still love seeing her face when I walk in the door.  I'm also extremely grateful that I can leave her in such capable hands and feel 100% confident that she's being well cared for.  That my friends is priceless.

So yesterday while  I was out lusting after pricey coats, I decided to stop into one of my FAVE STORES EVER - Half Price Books.  Ryan was home with the baby and they were both napping.  Perfect chance to browse the bookstore!  I picked up 2 books.  And can I just say that I love that store?  Simply walking up and down the aisles makes me feel smarter.  Or inspired.  Or something.  I love it.  I love seeing all the possibilities.  All the books I could read if I had the time.  I got:

I fully intend on making every single mouthwatering brownie recipe in this book.  There are even some non-brownie ish recipes towards the end, which is odd.  But I'm ok with.  Not sure why I'm on a slight brownie kick but I'm going with it.


I picked this book up in the clearance section.  $2.00!  I sometimes will pick a book up because I like the cover...spine?  The part you can see when your head is craned to the right, scanning titles.  Other times the title piques my interest.  I grabbed this one and skimmed the back cover.  If it's not an author I've heard of, I like to make sure there's nothing grossly offensive in the back cover summary before I take a chance on reading it... I got home and read the first two chapters last night and was pleasantly surprised to find this was Christian chick lit!  ha.  Just my kind of book.  I love reading these kinds of books that are just fun and don't require an abundance of mental energy.  I like it already!  Melody Carlson is the author and I'm enjoying her writing style. 

And hello.  I've been dreaming about getting lost in any book that doesn't pertain to pregnancy or babies. :-)

**Do you like to read?  Is chick lit your thing or are you a biography lover?  My dad would be the latter.

**I need some blog feedback...I kind-of think a new header picture would be nice.  One that wasn't taken on a brown plate at work. :>  Do you like my blog layout?  What could I do to spruce things up??  I'm not the most savvy when it comes to this stuff but I'm willing to learn.  Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated!


Jess said...

I think a new header and some color would really help!

Jenny said...

I love playing around with headers, colors call so much attention :) And that books looks so interesting, I'd be drooling with every recipe lol

MOM said...

I'm 100% sure the brownie cravings are from your maternal side of the family. Enjoy your blogs. You are very good with words.
Love you,

katiivey said...

Aww, thanks mom! I think the brownie habit started with the Jaffe's :>

Megan@Dirty Dishes Daily said...

Cookbook all about brownies....yes please!

Rachael Weeks said...

Have you read any of Francine Rivers' books? My mom got me started on her, and she's WONDERFUL! The first one I read was "Redeeming Love", and that got me hooked. I think it is the first book she wrote after becoming a Christian (they are working on the funding for turning it in to a movie). I've read almost everything she has written. I need to read more, instead of getting on the computer during all my free time. Will work on that.