I made it! 7 days of blogging.

I'm tired.  But I needed to do one final post to finish up this week's challenge.

I have a busy day tomorrow, taking Karlyn to an appointment but I'll do my best to post the winner of my 1st giveaway before we go.  Who will it be???  You have until midnight tonight to enter!

So I haven't been in the best mood today or yesterday and I'm going to blame some of that on lack of sleep.  I wish that didn't affect me so much!  But it does.  I can't wait until little miss starts sleeping longer stretches at night and eventually all the way through...she is usually fussy during this time at night but I have her swaddled in her swing and she's out like a light.  Maybe the new cure for nighttime crankiness??

I hope you've all had a good weekend.  I'm hoping I can be productive this week and get some things done around the house.  I need to go through the clothes I put up during pregnancy and see what works now.  Mail some gifts.  Clean my bathroom.

I want to take time though for reading my Bible.  Praying.  Seeking His wisdom.  Meditating.  These are things that I need and that will help me be a better wife to Ryan and mom to Karlyn.  Less facebook.  More Praying.  Yep.

Ok, the clock is ticking until she wakes up so I'm signing off.  Goodnight :>


Jenny said...

Woohoo you met your challenge!! :)
And lack of sleep definitely makes me a bit moody as well.

MOM said...

welll, i guess we believe you that your drawing was random, since your mother was not the winner. i know you will have a very productive week while fitting in time for the Lord. kiss my pumpkin!

Jess said...

Good job with the challenge! Hope your mood improves with more sleep:)