The sun is out!  I need to go get groceries.  But I guess I'm procrastinating...I'm actually waiting to see if the Jets can come back and beat the Colts!  Ryan says no.  I took a nice nap though.  I layed on the couch with the Broncos blanket with the game in the background so now I just feel rested and not groggy and cranky.  I ate some Life + Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal so I wouldn't put everything in my basket at the store.  Never go to the grocery store hungry ;>  You'll buy everything!  I'm gettting tired of cleaning food out of my teeth sockets...but I'm sure you didn't want to know that.  Can't wait till I'm all the way healed!  I was happy to be back in Sunday School this morning and we had a pretty big class.  I wish Ryan was in there with me but he plans to be next year, after he finishes teaching his 8th grade boys class in August.  August is a long way away!  It was "baby dedication Sunday" today.  The babies were so cute and I really like the name "Graham" that one of the couples chose.  Reminds me of Graham from last season of "The Bachelorette" with Deanna.  Remember him?

I don't want to get groceries.  I think it would be more fun if I had a happy baby to take along :-) 

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