IHOP at the Iveys

House is back to normal!  I spent this morning making a lazy Saturday breakfast and then used all that carb-powered energy to take down the Christmas decor.  I always feel weird the first day I take it down.  I like having my house back the way it usually looks but some places look blank now and all the cheery red and green are gone.  I did do a little extra organizing too in our "office" room and I still need to get to the coat closet! 

You like my 2010 calendar!?  Picking a new calendar was always fun to me and an important decision.  I mean, you're gonna be lookin at this thing all year!  Oddly enough, I found mine in the gift shop at a car wash down the street!  I love it.  I should have closed the blinds to get a better picture!

I decided to make pancakes using my new favorite mix!  I stole it from Jenna :--)  And  found it at Tom Thumb.

Ryan wanted Peanut Butter French Toast.  Usually I don't take special orders but I was feeling extra generous ;)

He made this for himself the other day and I think he's hooked on it now.  :>  You just make a regular peanut butter sandwich, drench it in a mixture of 1 egg and a little milk, and cook it up!

I had 2 of my pancakes with natural peanut butter, banana, honey, the rest of the Ryan's egg mixture-scrambled-and some Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea + water.  I used to not really like this tea.  I love it now!  It goes great with anything sweet.


I got a new camera for Christmas!  It's a Canon PowerShot SX120 IS.  I really, really like it and can't wait to get better at using it *and taking really great pictures*!  I would have never been able to get a close up like the one above with my old one.  Hopefully my blog picture quality will only improve this year!

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