Got Green?

I'm pretty sure I used to watch the "Pop-eye" cartoon and think, gross!  Who would eat nasty slimy green spinach?  Luckily I grew up though and Ryan and I regularly throw a bag of spinach into our cart.  You can find it right by the other lettuces in the produce department of any grocery store and I actually think it's cheaper than buying a bag of romaine.  While we usually use it as a salad base, there are several other ways to incorporate this GREEN into your diet!

+ put it in sandwiches or wraps
+ throw it on homemade pizza :-)
+ cook it into an omelet
+ saute it with garlic for a healthy side dish
+ wilt it in olive oil and add to your favorite pasta
+ use alone as a salad base or mix with romaine or cabbage- then top with meat, cheese, nuts, fruit, anything!
+in a green smoothie!

I know.  You probably just stopped reading.  But yes, you can put spinach into a fruit smoothie!  I promise.  I was skeptical too.  But you can't even taste it!  What a great way to sneak nutrients in ;> 

You might try a mix of: milk, banana, berries, spinach, and some ice! 

Benefits of Spinach!

o Calcium
o Folic Acid
o Vitamin K
o Iron

Spinach is loaded with these!

o Vitamin C
o Fiber
o Magnesium

The nutrients in spinach can help protect against damaged arteries, cancer, memory loss, and can strengthen your bones. 

It's been called a "Superfood" and while it won't give you bulging muscles overnight, it's a colorful and healthy way to add some GREEN to your life!

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