Getting Real

Today was a better day.  It seems to work like that a lot.  An AWFUL day is followed by a better one.  I feel more caught up at work (until Monday rolls around!) and heard something positive.  Today I posted my thoughts on facebook after talking to my mom:

Authentic Christianity. Being real with each other about our faults and failures. Why do we feel the need to put on this show of perfection?

My mom and I were talking briefly about how true brothers and sisters in Christ should be there for each other.  In church, out of church- we need to encourage each other but also hold each other accountable.  I think too often we walk around trying to pretend like everything is fine.  We're fine.  When it's not true.  How many times has someone asked you, "How are you doing?"  And you follow it with the knee jerk, "Fine."  Sometimes I have wanted to say, "I'm doing horrible.  I'm mad at God about this situation and I don't see what He is doing at allMy family is in troubleI'm about to slip."  I'm not saying we need to pour every detail of our lives onto everyone we come in contact with, but we should have a group of people who can hold us up and tell it to us straight. 

Ok.  So back to today.
I've eaten at Chick-fil-a the past 3 days for lunch.  I just haven't been packing a lunch and Chick-fil-a is what has sounded good each day.  I think the first day was a grilled chicken sandwich and small waffle fries.  (I never get fries...they're good!)  Yesterday was their chicken nuggets with more fries.  And today was this:

I ate half and packed up the rest for my afternoon snack.  I do this a lot!  It works out nicely and I don't arrive home from work famished.

I feel like I haven't been clothes shopping in a while.  I headed to Kohls after I ate to browse around.  I really feel that I've graduated from their Junior's dept. (yeah- almost 27 yrs old, probably time) but I still looked around in it today.  I found 2 deals!  That store has the best sale & clearance prices.

A 3-quarter length grey sweater (is it grey or gray?-i never know!) and a blue top that came with a very odd necklace :/ that probably won't be worn.!  But I liked the shirt.  I hope the sweater isn't too short...I tried it on in the store.  I hate too short shirts!

My dog is being surprisingly calm while I write this.  I know, you thought you were gonna get at least 1 post without my little child being mentioned.  Not today :>  He really is our baby, which is kinda sad.  I told Ryan he is the baby until I get a real one.

I think I'm going to do Level 1 shred again tonight and then take tomorrow off, or do yoga to stretch out.  It's nasty weather out there so be careful tonight!

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