Gettin Pretty

Yesterday was a really fun day.!  After I downed this deliciousness I decided to call a local groomer to see if we could take Dodge in to get pretty handsome!  She gave me their prices and told me to bring him on up.  Let me preface this by saying I've never taken a dog to a groomer.  Neither has my husband.  Ryan had tons of dogs growing up but they all stayed outside at their ranch.  The few dogs my family attempted never lasted long once they started "attacking" my siblings or chewing on the house.  So I was excited to take this dog (that I have embarrasingly fallen in love with- Kari, I don't know what's become of me !) to get groomed.

We headed on up, decided what they would do, and she told me she'd call when he was ready.  I took advantage of the few hours he was gone to Shred.  I did Level 1 again because I'm trying to work my way back up to where I was before...Level 2!  It was a good workout and I fueled it before and after with half of this bar.
Cliff brand Mojo Mix Peanut Butter & Jelly Dipped bar! (Say that 3 times fast!)  It wasn't the greatest...I bought it on sale one day at Target.  I had high hopes for it being the PB lover that I am.  But it did the job.

We cleaned around the house a little but I didn't feel like doing the whole shibang.  It was 1:00 or so by the time I was hungry for lunch and even though we had leftover pizza, I knew I needed to eat something healthy.  Something green.!


*leftover mixed veggies/broccoli with cheese + salad of spinach/romaine with chicken tenders, tomatoes, cheese, and green dressing!  Delish!*

I showered and got pretty so I wouldn't look quite like the bum that dropped Dodger off and headed up there to pick him up.  It was so fun to see the different dogs coming in and out!  Sarah told me that they had done all the basic grooming things to him but weren't able to scissor cut him all over like we had talked about.  She said he was "spastic" while they were trying to do that.  I said, yeah...he can be hyper.  She said yes, that he's just a puppy and we can try again in a few months.  I still think he looks cute and cleaned up though!  His hair is so soft and he even smells good!  (Seriously, I think I have a problem :>) 

(laying on the floor trying to photgraph my unwilling party)

He was so funny when we got home.  He was acting all sad and trying to be a loner and lay under the living room table!  He finally snapped out of it and started acting playful again.  We took him to PetSmart to get a new leash and he had fun sniffing out the other dogs there- some were there with their owners and then they had dogs in the back up for adoption!  I don't know what's happened to me.  I hated dogs.  Now I think all dogs are adorable!  Motherly instinct perhaps??  All I I know is that I willingly picked up this female terrier mix dog that was up for adoption who was quite a bit bigger than dodge and held her!...I tried to tell Ryan that Dodge needed a sister (jokingly!) but he wasn't buying it.

After that we picked up a birthday present for Ryan's sister Ashley.  Ashley is my one and only sister-in-law and she turns 26 on Monday!  Happy B-day Ashley!  We ate dinner at the Ivey's *grilled pork chops, oven potato fries and an incredible salad* and had german chocolate b-day cake!  Ashley wanted to watch "Post Grad" so we all sat down and relaxed to a movie.  I'd already seen it at the theatre but I think it's such a cute movie!  Takes me back to my Gilmore Girls days...ahh.

I think I'm staying home from church today...yesterday my throat was doing weird things and it still kind-of is.  This is weird but my throat feels like it does when I've been around a CAT too long!  :/  Eeck!  I hope I'm not getting a sore throat but it keeps coming and going.  I'm going to drink some hot tea and see how it feels tomorrow.

Happy Sunday everyone :--)

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