Me & B & Black Eyed Pea

That was dumb. But I'm seriously lacking in the creative titles department. Bethany and I decided to leave the office today and eat lunch at Black Eyed Pea. It was a nice break and I love that girl! We have gotten to know each other better and I am sooo glad we are desk-mates at work :) We get all chatty and loud discussing yoga poses or Triscuits and then have to calm down, but it's fun.

I stayed pretty busy at work today which is always good- I hate having nothing to do! Later on in the afternoon, I made a snack of a small gala apple and some pb. I really like these small apples I got at Wally-World because they are the perfect snack size. I know it's not a great picture!

When I got home, I had another snack in my mailbox! A Quaker "True Delights" Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond bar!! I have tried the coconut macadamia kind but not this one. I can't WAIT to eat it! It also came with a coupon for $1.00 off of a box of either variety. Yay :> And yet another fuzzy pic :/

Dinner was easy comfort food. I made South Beach brand lower fat turkey sausage, mixed with onions and Annie's organic macaroni and cheese...the extra cheesy kind. I usually buy just the regular but decided to splurge.
I'm watching "17 kids and counting" as I blog and I just heard the garage door open...so Ryan's home! Adios!

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