I decided I wanted breakfast for dinner tonight, instead of the ground beef Ryan cooked up. I've been seeing "bread pudding" recipes on a couple of blogs and decided I wanted to try Tina's. I love bread pudding and I had regular Ezekiel bread that needed to be used. I took 6 slices of the bread and cut them into cubes, per her instructions, and tossed them evenly into a greased pan. The mixture I poured over it included:
  • 1 egg

  • 1 egg white

  • 1/2 cup almond dream milk

  • capful of vanilla
  • the rest of my cinnamon/sugar bottle (1/2 t. maybe?)

  • a couple sprinkles of nutmeg

I mixed all this up and poured it over my bread, using my 1/2 measuring cup. Threw that bad boy into the oven at 325 and cooked it for just under 20 minutes.

I scooped up about a little less than half of this pan and put it into my favorite bowl. Also copying Tina, I topped mine with some sliced banana, but then added a dollop of warmed peanut butter, and several drizzles of agave :) It was good! I liked the overall taste and texture of this meal although I think the deliciousness of it would be heightened with a different bread...I mean seriously. Let's be real. Who can honestly say they LOVE Ezekiel Bread.? But nevertheless, I enjoyed it. I did add some Almond Milk to my bowl about half way through for some extra moisture. Next time I will use more of the egg/milk mixture to coat it all, as well as another bread source. I have some left-over (obviously) so I definitely see some bread pudding "dessert" in my Friday/Saturday future---with chocolate chips perhaps :--)

TGITN! (thank goodness it's thursday night!)

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