You know what I love to do after a long day at the office? Head down to my local CVS and mill about the store for oh...say an hour. Only to be told that THEY DON'T HAVE MY PRESCRIPTION!!!

I was told the wait would be 25 min to fill so I look at my phone, ok, 6:00. I can kill time till six o'clock- browse the food aisles, then make-up, peruse a hair mag. "Um, is my prescription ready?" "No, I'm still working on it." Ok, ok...decide which band-aids should be in our house in case of kitchen knife cuts...another book on cookie-jar gift giving. Trying to give my best 'hurry up I don't have all day' look to the LIKE 7 people working back there. Listening for my name to be called...

6:20ish..."Ok, I tried paging you a couple times" "I've been in the store the whole time." "I'm so sorry but I didn't realized she wrote on here no generic...and we don't have it. But I can have it here for you tomorrow afternoon." "I'm really sorry." "Ok."

So I decided to steal the band-aids...walked right out to my car without paying. Then realized they were in my hand and like the honest person I am, went back in and paid for them.

I love CVS.

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