It's been a crazy week around here! I feel like I've pretty much gone non-stop every day and I am very much looking forward to a little downtime and r&r this weekend. However - it's been a GREAT week!

As many of you may know, I signed up to be a health and fitness coach through Beachbody a few weeks ago. It's been a wild ride already and one I am absolutely loving! I can't express how much this has meant to me just in this short time and the great opportunity I've been given. I love that I get to help others GET HEALTHY. I love my TEAM. And I love doing what I'm PASSIONATE ABOUT. And I became an Emerald Coach - the first rank you can achieve in BB - in less than three weeks!

I promise this blog won't turn into a Beachbody advertisement but as something that's part of my life now - it will find it's way here now and then. :-)

Ryan's been traveling some for work which means Karlyn and I get to eat easy meals that involve pickles for mama and mac and cheese for her. She's watched way too many Special Agent Oso episodes while I work past bedtime at my new endeavor. I think we both woke up feeling it this morning too because after not enough sleep for several nights I felt like I'd been run over by a train this morning and Karlyn had fever when I picked her up from school. Hopefully this weekend we can get our groove back and rest up.

I had a snow-cone today! And it was delish! Does anyone else still call it that? Or do I need to be politically correct and say "shaved ice." #idontknow

I got Tiger's Blood and it was so refreshing - perfect to end a Friday with. I feel like I should have more to say but my brain is just mush! Too many emails. :> I am getting really anxious to feel baby Ivey move around in there. I'm about 17 weeks now so hopefully any day! And two weeks from today, I'll be announcing BOY or GIRL which thrills me to no end! We have names, which you'll probably get to find out too.

Karlyn's cheer uniform arrived yesterday so she wanted to be all decked out for practice today. I thought she looked adorable! The shirt was a little big so we did the side knot. Side...something?

She said, "Mom, could you take a picture so I can see what my bow looks like?"

<Side NOTE: My house sounds like it's about to blow over in this storm!>

I hope everyone has a FABulous weekend. We'll be keepin' it low key over here. 

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