4 1/2

Karlyn. How are you already four and a half?! Like I told you the other night, you're not allowed to grow up. You have to stay four. Forever. I wish I could just bottle up your little four year old self and have it for always. You know, like when you're fourteen or twenty-four. To remember!

You continue to light up our lives and say and do the cutest, funniest things. Like "thinger." You can't say finger and it may be the very last word you mispronounce. You get upset sometimes when your "thingers" get all wrinkly in the bathtub. You like Shopkins, dresses and skirts, youtube kid shows, Special Agent Oso, macaroni and cheese, applesauce with cinnamon, scrambled eggs, and your Disney princesses.

You still sleep in our room. #nocomment

You want all your friends at school to come over for sleepovers and it's really hard to explain why we can't just randomly take someones child home from school each day.

You're getting just a little bit picky when it comes to eating and that may be in part because mom didn't cook for ten weeks straight. oops!

You like to wrap your heart blanket around you and pretend like it's a hospital gown. And make toilet paper "casts" with TP and tape.

You love your aunts - all three of them!

You are really excited about being a BIG SISTER and it was the sweetest thing ever when you kept telling me, "I'm so happy for you!" And, "Hey. Maybe you shouldn't be walking around so much with a baby."

I introduced you to the chocolate Frosty and we had a grand old time.

You have a tiny bit of perfectionist in you - but not when it comes to picking up your toys.

I can't wait for you feel your baby brother or sister, kicking soon. I can't wait to see you together.

Karlyn, you are one AMAZING kid and I thank God that I get to be your mom! Daddy thinks you're pretty great too!


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Andrea C. said...

She sounds like a nurse or doctor in the making. :) I love that she is looking after you!