Lake Days

We have been so blessed to get to spend several holidays now out at Ryan's grandparent's lake house. We were worried about the weather over Memorial Day weekend but thankfully we had periods of sunshine to enjoy the boat, wind, and waves. :-)

I usually am very OK with the temperatures being lower but this was kind of crazy. I was in long sleeves one day! Karlyn really loves going as do the dogs. Ours + two others.

We ate, played games, read books and magazines, and admired the other houses along the lake picking out the features we liked best. Ryan has decided he wants his own one day - but I do have to convince him this chick isn't cut out for sole country living. I need my Target! I really enjoyed getting to bond with my sister-in-laws and just having time to relax.

Oh. and props to my uber-talented father-in-law who can fix anything. Thanks to him we had working AC and hot water. #yesplease

the view

me + my girl

our hero fueling up the boat
daddy/daughter driving lesson


#weneedashower #lakehairdontcare
naps all around



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The Killough's said...

We spent many a summers at my Aunt and Uncles lake house! Loved and miss those days!!