Sookie's Wedding

I won't post another Gilmore Girls pic. But I want to. I looked for one.

I watched "Sookie's wedding" episode today and omg. I should have put my phone down and paid closer attention because it was SO good. I knew from the preview info that Jess was coming back so I just spent the whole time waiting for him to come back. And of course they wait until the end, and of course it's perfect, and of course he finds her at the wedding because it's Star's Hollow. And he's just standing there being all Jess. Gosh. And then this.

Sorry. I had to.

I watched two episodes today. I'm falling apart at the seams. JK. I've never felt more together.

Just kidding.

But I do love the show. And I saw this.

I did go for a walk today. Mostly because I felt lazy after sitting on my butt watching tv. I'm getting used to the dark hair I think. It still surprises me but it's fun. My motto has always been "It's just hair." You can change it. =)

I've done pretty well on my social media break but have logged on at various times. Surprisingly not to IG much though which was definitely my thing.

Today at Dollar Tree the sweet woman ringing me up said, "Oh, you know those are ovulation tests right?"

"Yes I know."

"Well, some people have thought they were pregnancy tests. Are you trying to have a baby?"

"Yes. Believe me, I know very well what these are. In fact, I've probably kept you guys in business with these."

"Well good luck honey."




Oh. And I decided today what I need. A guidance counselor. You remember those? They help you pick out a college and really I can't remember what else. My best friend's mom was ours in high school for a while. I need a guidance counselor for life. That'd be good.

Also, I heard this song the other day. My new go-to.


Josh and Shan said...

Awwwww Sookie's wedding is one of the BEST!!! But, just know, it gets better from here ;-) And we so should have a finale watching party!!

I saw you as you walked by on Sunday but didn't want to run and yell for you, I love your hair!! And that's my hair motto too =)

Kati said...

I'm totally down with a watch party! And now that I've pictured you running through church yelling that, I wish it would have happened. ha ah. Aiden wouldn't have appreciate that. ;)

The Killough's said...

Jess' appearance....so perfect!!! But Shan's right...they get better from there!!

I watched the finale the other day for the 100th time and still cried!!!

Kati said...

Samantha, that's awesome! I'm sure I will have tears too!