Swimming Lessons

I'm so proud of my big girl. We started swim lessons at the "Y" last week and she's loving it! It's a small class - just her and two other little boys but it's perfect. Her teacher is very sweet and I can see the progression in skills she's teaching. I know Karlyn will probably need additional lessons since this is the beginner class but you have to start somewhere. She's definitely not afraid of the water. This is also her first real "group activity" outside of daycare so it's fun.

I asked her after the first lesson if she was practicing her strokes and motioned my arms forward and back. She said, "Mom, they're not strokes, they're ICE CREAM SCOOPS. Of course.


She did have to straighten out the boys a couple times and tell them to quit splashing her. Who knows...maybe she'll be an Olympic swimmer one day! #notwiththesegenes

I remember taking swim lessons at my aunt's pool when I was younger and it was FREEZING. Luckily they have the pool warmed a bit. (I keep saying "a bit." Darn you Peppa Pig.) I did have to save her on the very first day. They were getting into the pool and she didn't know where the steps ended. She went right under and the teacher's back was to her. I ran over there and the teacher pulled her up. She was fine, but it seriously happened in the first five seconds!

I can't wait to see how she's doing by the end of the month!

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