Gluten-Free Menu ~ For Company!

We don't entertain very much. Which was probably evident when I forgot to set out serving spoons I'm not sure why...it's just rare. But we decided to return the favor to some friends who had us over a few months ago. Ryan used to work with Allison and she and her husband have two adorable little girls that are right around Karlyn's age. They had so much fun playing together!

I planned a gluten-free menu and chose a couple of NEW recipes from my "Healthy" Pinterest board. I really need to start utilizing those 2,000+ pins more. :-0


Chips and Guacamole / Grapes...for the girlies =)

Mustard Glazed Chicken Thighs ~ via Practical Paleo
Spring mix salad with tomatoes, pepper, and cheese

Forgot to take an "out of the oven" pic

Allison brought dessert!

It's always a good idea to try out new recipes for company right? One of Allison's girls said the food was "yummy in her tummy" but the other one wasn't too much of a fan. We dug out the applesauce. :> But all three girls ate up the dessert. It was DELISH. I've got to make it.

Remember my post on Karlyn not liking quinoa? Well, I just kept telling her that we were having "broccoli cheese." Two things the girl does like. She was a big fan and I've even served it again since then. Ryan ate some too. #QuinoaWin

The girls got to swim and even slide into the pool that we ghetto-rigged. :> I know we're going to have to get them together again soon. So glad for friends.

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