Family Fun

Today was a lot of fun! My brother Keith is home for a few weeks after basic training with the Air Force so we got together to see him and just hang out as a fam. I LOVE them.

We were missing Kollin who is getting ready to start his first teaching job in Waco and Kaleb who is at West Point! As you can tell, we're still a large crew even without them. We got to skype (although it was actually called something else) with Kaleb today and that was really neat. All my brothers and sister make me so proud =)

We tried to play a game called "Loaded Questions" that I think I was pretty much horrible at and then later we went for a swim. I bought Karlyn some arm float-ey things earlier this Summer that we hadn't used so Kolton blew those up for us and she loved "swimming" with them. My brave little fish. :>

She kept saying, "I'm doing it! I'm doing it!"

I'm so thankful for my mom, dad, and all my siblings. I truly am blessed by each one of them!

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