Tornado Watch

So this past Tuesday a lot of the metroplex was under a tornado "watch." Basically, the weather conditions could be favorable for tornadoes. After all the horrific damage in Oklahoma, several of my friends were preparing for the worst just in case. I'm not normally like that, but for some reason, I decided to be. Better safe than sorry, right?! 

I downloaded a tornado warning app to my iPhone, put some supplies into the bathroom that we'd go into if necessary and pulled Karlyn's toddler bed mattress off in case we needed it. I started reading about all the things you could potentially need in a disaster situation and I didn't have a lot of it. I don't even have an official first aid kit! <--I plan to put one together now...

Our power flickered off once but then came right back on. We had rain and strong winds but the only damage was a huge tree limb that snapped off and landed in our front yard. Once I could tell that we probably weren't going to have a tornado, I started prepping dinner and putting away some of my just-in-case items. I admit, I felt kind of silly having done all that, but it did make me think about what I would need in times of bad weather. I don't think it's a bad idea to have some bottled water on hand (I had one old jug of distilled!) and some non-perishable foods. I'm thankful that we DIDN'T have a tornado after all of that!

The point of this post though is really about the picture above. Karlyn wondered what her mattress was doing out and so we played on it like I was the kiddo taking a nap and she was...the daycare worker? It was so stinking funny. Here is some of what I heard:

"Let's switch your pillow to the good dream side."

"Mommy, lay down like I told you to."

"Lay down Kati."

She kept giving me kisses on the cheek, handed me a "lovey" and told me I was "all set." She said, "lay down and take your nap cause then your mommy can come." =)

We had fun and the bad weather made me grateful for the sweet memories I got to make with my little miss!

Have you ever prepared for bad weather, like a tornado? Ryan thought I was crazy. :-0


Josh and Shan said...

I am the QUEEN of freaking out and preparing! But instead of food, my prep usually consists of wedding pictures, cameras and dogs ;-)

Anonymous said...

thanks for share......