Instant Reality

I'm a huge proponent of being real. I like knowing that I'm not the only one with issues. That I'm not the only mom who doesn't have it all together or a Pinterest-Perfect home. I like reading about failures and hang-ups and struggles and bad days. I don't want it to seem like only bliss happens on the other side of this blog because it's not true. Sure, we have awesome moments when the house is clean for a split two seconds on a Saturday and I have a great day at work, manage to work out, read to Karlyn, and have dinner hot and ready on time. But I just think it's so important to share the down times too. It's what makes us human and what builds community. When we're honest, we get down deep and say hey this isn't going so well and I need to talk about it!

We need to talk about the good times too. To remind ourselves of the goodness of the Lord and the blessings and the things by His grace that we are doing right.

Two different women shared these articles and I loved them. Spot on. 

This is more about not letting social media dictate our self-worth and capability and it's so important.

Maybe we have a day where we Instagram a shot of our messy house or our kid who WON'T NAP. Ya think?


We need to encourage each other and compare less. I'm so thankful a friend called me up and asked to go lunch yesterday. I don't know if she knew I needed to talk or not but just having that time to breathe and bounce some ideas off was so refreshing. I want to do more community and less comparison. I want to know that I'm not alone in this crazy life. I want to be on my phone less and be present with Karlyn more.

It's all about balance. (Hey<--more on that to come!) Facebook is not evil. Neither is Instagram.

Pinterest doesn't have to  make us feel defeated or less of a mom. But it's OK if it does! Know yourself, and your day. Is this going to help or hurt right now? These are things. Tools. Places we can look to for inspiration, ideas, and fun. We can use them to capture memories...

Little Mama

...or to help us build new ones. 

As long as they are kept in their proper place.


What do you think? Care to weigh in?

I think I'm awake before my child/husband/dog is and I'm going to enjoy time alone before the chaos begins. :-)


ThistleAshD said...

saw Kate mentioned your blog and thought I'd pop over :) Love this- definitely am a huge proponent of being real on my blog! Those are the ones that people connect to for sure!

are you on bloglovin? I'm going to try to follow along.

Andrea C. said...

Amen! Couldn't agree more. We all need community and the only way to have that is to be honest.

Kati said...

ThistleAshD ~ I'm not on bloglovin but I think you can follow along using my rss feed button. Let me know if that doesn't work!

Thanks for stopping by! :-)