I've been summoned

Hey hey. I'm still here. And still trying to get used to this whole one space after a period thing. Grammar...I tell ya.

Who else is hoping we don't have a tornado tonight? I hate storm watches and creepy weather while my husband's still at work. So yeah. Remember when I said I wanted to make a Valentine's Day wreath with tulle? Well the "pin" I had didn't link to anything. Bummer. Instead I found a V-Day printable that is oh so cute.

I want to get some card stock and print off a banner for the mantel too but we'll see if that happens. Today I scored some major bargains at The Children's Place. First though I hit up Maurice's because I had a store credit. None of the clothes were leaping off the racks at me so I bought some jewelry. And a heart no less!

The necklace is one of those long ones and I'm hoping I can find a few things to wear it with. The earrings were a steal! But on to the real bargains. TCP was having a $2.99 sale. As in, cute girl's winter sweaters originally $25.00 marked down to to $3.00. I needed a shower gift for a few weekends from now so I got 5 pieces. With tax, my items at full price would have been about $95.00. I had a $8.00 merchandise credit so I got everything below for $7 and some change. 

Holy Bargain!!!!!

This afternoon was less exciting when I got this in the mail. I always brag about how I've never had to serve. Guess that's all over. :-( Boo. This means I have to miss work and not get paid. Double boo!

I seriously don't want to go do this. Any way I can get out of it? Let's just hope I don't get picked :-0

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow because it's annoying me. Not super short but some layers...I've got two pictures. Which do you think is more me?

Karlyn has been cracking us up lately. For one thing every two minutes she asks me, "What you doin mommy?" 

I'm running out of answers.

This morning Ryan was using hair spray and kind of moving it in a circular motion. She goes "Daddy, you do a circle in you hair?"

She told me, "Mommy, you buy some toilet paper to wipe you booty?"

:-0  We're potty training people.

She can open the pantry door and get chips or the broom and dustpan. The girl loves to sweep. 

How fun is 2?!

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Amanda said...

Love all the stuff you got (except the jury summons :/ ) - you are such a good bargain shopper! Can't wait to see your new do!