Dinner is Served

I made a super yum meal the other night that actually required some effort on my part.  So good though!

Frozen green beans with butter + salt + pepper

Sweet potato fries using this recipe.  Ya'll, these are seriously so good.  I know they don't sound good and they won't look or smell delicious while you're cooking them.  But just trust me.  I don't even like plain sweet potato fries anymore because I only want these!  They take a little time to prepare (CHOPPING) and they're delicious hot off the pan or even chilly after being in the fridge.  Try 'em and tell me what you think!  The key is to cook them long enough so some get crispy plus ample sea salt.  Karlyn LOVES them!

Coconut flour "fried" chicken!  Ok, I made this up.  And it's not really fried but whatever.  I mixed together 1/4 cup coconut flour, 3 leftover pizza packets of parmesan cheese (resourceful me!) and some salt and pepper.  I dredged my chicken through egg and then the flour mixture and then into a pan sizzling with coconut oil.  Cook.  Flip.  Cook.   More salt + pepper.  Eat.  So good!

 I don't go to this much trouble every night...but I definitely enjoyed this flavorful combo.  Oh.  And I ate way more fries than that. :-)

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