Glamour BB

Wow!!!  Birchbox knocked it out of the park this month with it's Glamour special edition box.  I love it!  Everything I opened today was so fun!  Here's a peek:

Isn't it pretty??! 

I also got an e-mail a few days ago with a 20% off coupon for being a Birchbox member now for 6 months.  Sweet!  That 20% combined with points for reviewing products comes in very handy :>

I can't wait to use these at the gym.  I'm hoping they stay in my ears better than some others I have...

Color Club nail polish.  So cute!

stila lip glaze.  It has gold shimmer!

I'm pretty sure this box was in my mailbox yesterday when hubby checked the mail upon returning home.  Because our mail from today just arrived.  Guess he didn't look all the way in!

Also inside was~

*BB cream (like an all-in-one spf make-up)
*green tea & citrus mints

I love getting these boxes.  Fun!

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