Friday Night Fun

We had the best time last night hanging out as a family!  I love Friday nights like that.  We went in a few stores but couldn't find what Ryan was looking for.  I did however snag an adorable short sleeved Fall hoodie for Karlyn in the Old Navy clearance for $3.50.  Score!

After that we were hungry so FISH was on the menu!  I got the special: Tilapia Vera Cruz + grilled squash and zucchini with spinach.  I may or may not have stolen one of Karlyn's hush puppies :) 

Karlyn did really well being out on the town with us and she seemed so much more grown to me.  Um, not that she's grown but you know what I mean.  She was able to sit and half-way eat her meal.  Not without attempting a few highchair exits though.

Next stop:  The park/play area!  She LOVED it.  And this little girl is brave.  She was climbing on everything.  And telling other kids, "hi!"

I've been trying to cut out the sugar but we I decided Yogurtland was in order.  That is seriously my favorite yogurt place.  I could have opted for the dairy free sorbet but I didn't.  I woke up feeling it a little this morning but it was worth it.  Life's too short to go without a treat now and then!

salted caramel on bottom. plain tart on top. strawberries. blueberries. coconut. almonds.


So thankful for a fun night out with my 2 faves. =)


Amanda said...

Love this and love Friday nights with the family! We need to do a double date Friday night soon :)

Kati said...

WE DO! Let's plan it :>