Cheese, Mama!

Ugh.  This morning was pretty crappy at work and I've tried to snap out of it since then.  I just don't understand some people or why things are handled the way that they are.  I try to do my best each day but I'm still going to make mistakes and mess up at times.  I'm still going to have "those days."  I have no problem owning up to my errors; it's just the way that it's dealt with. 

Moving on. 

I'm really looking forward to this weekend and spending some time with friends.  I'm gonna miss this girl though!  She saw my camera on the desk just now and said, "cheese! mama."  So we snapped a pic. 

I'll post another "Potluck Friday" tomorrow so check back for some healthy inspiration!


Karo said...

Pretty girls!!

Josh and Shan said...

I'm LOVING your curly hair! Karlyn is getting so big