A post about nothing!

Karlyn wore the most adorable dress to church last week so I tried to snap a few pictures.  She seriously melts my heart.

I feel like I have absolutely a ton to say and nothing at the same time.  Clear as mud?  Last Sunday I heard a sermon and Sunday School lesson about not being afraid.  Do not fear.  On Monday morning, I opened up my little devotional at work and read "Do not fear!"  Ok, got it Lord.  But now I'm feeling overwhelmed.  I Think I'll e-mail our pastor and see if he's got his relax, everything's going to be ok sermon ready for tomorrow. :-)

Ryan is still working long hours but hopefully that will be ending soon.  I moved spots at work and I really like my new set-up.  After almost 5 years, it's a nice change.  Karlyn turned 16 months on 4/16 and we totally missed it.  Sorry kiddo! 

I'm working on a bit of crafty-ness right now that I hope will be super cute.  Let's just say some spray paint was involved and an idea via Pinterest.  I only wish I could reveal it sooner but it's going to be a while. 

See, I told you I have nothing to say!  I'll leave you with my two faves... :-)

Happy Weekend~

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