Just some things

Oh Monday, sometimes you're great, sometimes you're bad, and sometimes you're just kinda eh.  Today it's been eh.

I just need to get a few things off my chest though!

1) I think someone forgot to tell me that the "terrible two's" actually start around 14 months. I'm kind of kidding. She's just been really clingy/fussy lately, there's the whole intermittent paci switching game I mentioned on facebook, we're trying to wean her off her last bottle (yesterday was her first official full bottle-free day!) and she likes to say NO and shake her head back in forth in rapid fashion. She is really a sweet heart and loves to give kisses too though. :) And I know I'm exaggerating but this morning was just craziness because she woke up early and we were both trying to get ready for work and it just wasn't pretty. I LOVE HER ALL THE SAME!

2) Our lives and schedules are about to change dramatically this week.  If you haven't read my earlier post, I'm going back to work this week - full time.  Can I say I'm a little excited?  Yes, I'm looking forward to it.  I think it was the right decision and even though we're going to have to make some adjustments, I think it will be good.  Karlyn didn't even want to leave the party going on at the sitters today when I picked her up!  I think she'll do just fine.  And if it makes me a bad mom to want to work, then oh well.  It's what we're doing.  And I CAN on some days say that I miss my daughter.

3) I have the most ridiculous feet ever.  I've had both a doctor and an athletic shoe professional fitter tell me that I have the highest arch they've ever seen.  I've really been wanting some super awesome black high heels that say "I'm almost 29" and this weekend I picked them out.  They look classic and dare I say sexy?  :>  I spent quite a bit more on them than my only other black pair which were from Target...oh, um, about 10 years ago.  Well, my stupid heels kept slipping out of the shoes!  I found some heel insert things today that I think will help but sheesh.  Can't a girl just pick out some new shoes without all the drama?  I seriously tried on 11,000 pairs.

4) We finished up our Beth Moore Bible study last night and she talked about how we as women really need to lighten our loads.  The load Christ gives us is not supposed to be heavy!  But as women, we're supposed to be super she-heroes right?  Do it all!  No.  We've got to lighten our loads and simply let go of some things.  I want to spend some time thinking about that and what I can let go of.  Especially now when I'll want to spend every extra second outside of work with my family.  Less blogging?  Less Pinterest, Facebook, reading blogs?  I just need a balance.  And sometimes I actually think I balance and juggle better when I have less "free time!"

5) I've failed miserably this month at reading my Bible every day.  I did write my *family letter* though, this time to my mom.  I'm going to refuse to give up just because I messed up and get back on my reading plan.  Open my Bible.  Every single day.

6) I'm going to try to start doing morning workouts, 2-3 times a week in our living room.  This morning I did Level 1 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred and realized I'm going to have to get up even earlier to get it all done and get to work on time.  Note to self: go to bed earlier too.

7) Eat Real is two weeks down, and 2.5ish weeks to go.  Today I REALLY wanted something sweet and chocolatey but managed to stay Paleo.  I LOVE THIS RECIPE!  Seriously so good and a life saver.  Try it!

I hope your Monday has been just splendid!

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