Fitness Friday

Hi Guys!

So earlier this week, I got the idea to start a Friday feature called "Fitness Friday."  I'm kind-of excited about it!  It will really be anything health, fitness, or nutrition related; it might be just one topic, a combination, or maybe links to related articles.  Not that I consider myself an expert but it might be fun to do a question/answer type thing too.  During the week, I'll take a question from one of you (or come up with a trending topic if no one has one) and either answer it from my own knowlege or do some research.

What do you think? 

Like I said, I'm not a wellness coach, or registered dietician but I did major in Exercise Sports Management, work for a time as a personal trainer and physical therapy technician, and I absolutely love and have a passion for all things HEALTHY.  I've done a lot of self-learning and have experimented with different types of workouts and diet.  *And by diet, I mean the foods a person chooses.  I am not a fan of simply "going on a diet."  It's all about lifestyle change!

I've got my first post ready to go but feel free to shoot me a question if you've got one!  It can even be a "Hey, what do you think about xyz program, diet, food, etc.  I've added a note to my side-bar on the left with my e-mail address if you've got anything.

Happy Hump Day =)

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