This weekend's been pretty relaxing...I haven't done anything SUPER productive except for clean the house a little. But that's what weekend are for: delicious nothingness :--) I do have plans to go grocery shopping tonight; sometimes it's the last thing I want to do but it always feels good to have a fridge full of food for the upcoming week.

I am thinking about switching my gym membership to one that's closer to our house so yesterday I tried a class that the new gym offers- I'm doing a free 2 week trial. The class was called "Body Blaster" and was ok, I guess. I'm not a huge exercise class person and if I'm going to spend an hour in a class, as I told Ryan, "I want to be dead afterwards!" I want to feel like I was really worked and gave it everything I had. My triceps are sore but besides that, I don't think the class is for me. There were a lot of stability ball/light dumbbells exercises and not enough taxing leg components. That's my review! :> But before I headed to class, I ate breakfast! I decided to have an egg with 1 slice of deli ham (plus one on the side) with some shredded cheese, as well as a small bowl of "bread pudding."
Once I got home, and after a little computer time, I wanted lunch! I had visions of this meal boosting my energy and motivating me to clean my house but after it was over, my couch was calling my name! I layed down with the blinds open to let the SUN filter in and proceeded to doze in and out for a bit. It was verrrry nice. But lunch= a grilled cheese 'n' chicken lavash wrap and some mixed canned fruit. It totally hit the spot.
We ended Saturday night with a trip to Jason's Deli. Who loves their FREE ice cream!? I had a wrap that was filled with spinach, avacado, sprouts, salsa, and asiago cheese. Along with some tomato basil soup. Yes, my meal was vegetarian!
Sunday Doings...
I started my Sunday with 30 min. of "Hot Yoga" from yogadownload.com. I didn't have time to do the whole class, plus I wanted to break it down into segments since I've only been doing 20-30 min sessions at a time. I felt great afterwards and fixed some apple oats :>

These were so good and included:

  1. 1/3 cup oats
  2. 1/3 cup almond dream/water
  3. 1/2 small gala apple, chopped
  4. small toss of raisins (1 T. maybe)
  5. capful of vanilla + dash of salt + dash of nutmeg
  6. a few walnuts, chopped--attempted to toast these in the micro :)
  7. 1/2 t. wheat germ + 1/2 t. ground flax seed
  8. blop of PB!

I added the last 4 items after the oat mixture was cooked. Oh yeah, and I topped it all with some AGAVE. This was so, so good and kept me full through church.

Lastly, I've decided to embark on not one, but TWO challenges during the month of March. I am doing Tina's "31 Day Yoga Challenge" as well as Jenna's "Meatless in March" challenge. I think I may have bit off more than I can chew! Literally.? These challenges mean that I will do some form of yoga each day, as well as eat a vegetarian diet this whole month. (my birthday month :) I did eat some meat with lunch today, but going forward...I felt confident in the yoga challenge since I've loved doing yoga lately, using yogadownload.com's programs--and my PINK YOGA MAT. But going meatless...? I've been eating less meat lately and trying to enjoy more vegetarian meals but this will definintely be a stretch. I think I'm up for the challenge though :>

This post is long enough now...ciao peeps! The weekend's almost over :(

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